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Outlines of courses of combined specialist and graduate training in Periodontics

1.Graduate students must complete a minimum two-year full time clinical training program in periodontal department.

2.Training program of graduate student

1st year

Focusing on research training

2nd year

Full-time clinical training (ten half-days a week) and conduct research project in extra curriculum

3rd year

Full-time clinical training (ten half-days a week), conduct research project and finish thesis in extra curriculum

Graduate students are allowed to change curriculum. If students have five half-day clinical training per week, two-year clinical training will be recognized as one-year full-time clinical training.

3.Basic requirement for specialist training in periodontics programs:

(1) Clinical cases with full documentation of periodontal treatment: 20 cases.

(2) Periodontal flap surgery: 100 cases.

(3) Periodontal plastic surgery: 10 cases.

(4) Periodontal regeneration surgery: 20 cases.

(5) Cases combined with prosthetic orthodontic therapy: 15 cases.

(6) Implant surgery: 5 fixtures installation.

(7) Periodontal treatment plan report (within the first three month of clinical training): 10 cases.

(8) Complete periodontal treatment cases report: 10 cases.

(9) Assist teaching activity of periodontology in Yang-Ming University if necessary.

(10) One oral presentation in Dental Association, Republic of China or Academy of Peridontology , Republic of China.

(11) Five complete documents of clinical photographs recorded in compact disc are conserved in Periodontal department after finishing clinical training.

(12) A certificate will be granted only after the above requirement has been met.